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i remember everything i have done cowardly because of my temper.

I remember leaving friends because of rejection, instead of caring for them as a mature part of the family.  

I remember being an asshole every time im in love with someone, because im very protective and selfish.

i remember the pain in my soul every time i remember that, because instead of a coward, i could have been a hero, not a movie hero, but an actual one, where im there for others without really interfering with their life.

and as soon as i remember, i mature, later, to realize i am just a child, a lost child who wants to be strong and wants everyone around to feel that strength that everyone can have, and i want that strength for everyone, i want the children of the streets to have shelter, fun and food, not caring for the unknown nor the violence outside because there would not be, because i would be there, protecting them with my life, and i wont be weak, but strong, as i just want them to be happy and free.

I want the older ones to feel in peace and have food, shelter and freedom, i want the unemployed to have guidance and jobs, food and shelter, i want the refugee to have a place and a life to live, i want the injustices of the world, those committed against those who want freedom and equality and a just world to pay for what they did, and pay it hard enough to feel satisfied, because im no longer an angel, nor a demon, i am the hero, a villain and the desires of those who are suffering this life because the world is not fair, and i want it to be fair for those who are right now, hungry, in pain, or in a situation that could break them, so i want to be there for them, i want them to live and laugh, to enjoy life and hope, i want this world to have some good in it.
We would never know what we gonna feel when dead,
but sure some want it to be peaceful, out of this damaging world,
a world filled with anger and deceptions, hate and pleasure for it, imagine that...

but hold on my friend, why focus on the negativity of this world?
have u seen the remaining of or hopeful side?
the beauty of our dying forest,
the wonderfulness of our sacrifices, when it comes to fight oppression, or the machinery of dead, alone, for a better, more included and just world?

have you heard, felt, or read what this means?
to have you family murdered by corrupted officials who serve the oppressor, and in all the pain, all the sorrow, flying like a broken leaf of hope, an imagine of you, that angel who came to inspire you and give you that little motivation to continue, and recover from that devastating lost, and become what it brought you, when you most needed, that revolutionary perfection of enduring hell to reborn stronger than ever...

only because you are still alive.

in a Wastelands:
an inspiring group that creates a cathartic environment, a drug that helps everyone to release that tension created by this stressful bubble we all live, that bubble, now filled with sound, a sound that comes from each of the bands members heart, some can define their sounds as muted, nuts, anarchic, funky, whatever, but in reality, the band is more a sanctuary, where the souls come to rest their pains and extend their existence while listening to the mayhem around...

From Miami, a unique place, where those corrupted criminals from those wars come to buy most of the land, as they stole it from the working class...Miami, where the elite is paired with politicians in order to divide others from each nationality into ghettos and suburbs, like any other part in the world, easy for those police officers, if you haven't had any experience with them, pigs if you have, to maintain their oppression because, of course, the working class can't get jobs that the elite makes, such bullshit shit politicians plan...

This fucking city, amazing if you want to live in your bubble...and more, 
pressuring the raising waters you get the mafia of bubble, those who aren't gonna deal with anything civil, but with only violence and restrictions, as we can see it around each of the corners anyone is...

so then, it comes to Nunhex, another punching Miami band that screams and plays for us every blood moon, and helps to rise up those lost bones from any hiatus, a band that motivates us to destroy that whole fucking invisible wall there is...

But don't be disappointed, and be, cause, Miami is a graveyard for amazing bands, one likeTestokra, an amazing amazonian one, where their screams and their combination did its work when they were together, making the noise pixels love.

more, more, more...

all of this bands share a member...expanding the forces into multiple areas...

Alex Nuñez from Nunhex
Alex Campos from Testokra
and Eric Hernandez...


Part of AMALAYA # 2
Amalaya, es liberacion

Disculpeme si quiere, no hay mas nada que decirle, a hecho usted lo indeseable y por eso la justicia lo encontrara.

Nadie sabia para quien iba dirijido, pero desde cada pantalla en plena guerra aparecia, su formato era desconocido y por segundos difundia su mensaje.

quienes no estaban pendientes, o estaban luchando, o robando, o maltratando serian informado luego, estaba en todos lados en cuestiones de minutos.

Toda coneccion luego, a la tercera hora luego del mensaje se debordaria por completo de estatica, una inundacion de ruido y espinas. La internet como la conocian se infectaba. Cada servidor era atacado vulnerando asi su configuracion dentro y fuera del sistema, no tanto fuera, pero dentro, su estatica creaba calor y por lo mismo derretia sin ser percibido, la matriz de toda memoria.

En esta guerra, la guerra por liberar a nuestro pueblo oprimido de quienes ahora se asustan dentro de sus cuartos, o de aquellos que nos han robado el habitad de nuestros antepasado y convertido en un poso septico de poder y corrupcion, ahora tendran su pedido, y este diablo, rojo rojito, como fui una ves descrito por mi amada, mi consentida y querida Sandra, que su luz me dio y me enseño no solo a ver la vida como los demas la ven, pero tambien a hablar con ellos, cuando ellos no escuchan pero necesitan la voz de la rebeldia hablar de las verdades que nuestro pacifico, ahora agresivo pueblo es.

Mi pueblito, arrimado entre las dos naciones que una vez por lo mismo luchaban sus libertadores y comamdantes, ahora es nuestro turno, y nuestro deber el surgir de entre sus cenizas y recobrar nuestra cultura, acenderla al los estratos mas altos de cualquiera que cerca este, y por su comunion con la naturaleza, esta nos deje llegar a los cielos, y asi a las lunas donde la vida nos espera.

Sandra, querida amada, fuiste mi corazon, y ahora sin este perodido estoy, perdido en un frente de batalla, tratando de liderar la liberacion del oprimido, y con tu sacrificio, con tu respuesta a nuestro destino nos diste la joya mas linda y preciosa de nuestra Guajira eterna, a nuestra Amalaya, su bendicion da en mi eso que me diste, pero exponencialmente hacia los confines de la ultratumba, donde te veo guiar a nuestros perdidos, como en el reino de los dioses, donde la naturaleza viva llora por nuestra victoria y nos da su aura, envuelta en la luz de nuestro valor.


Esta con nosotros.
nace de los huesos del guerrero,
que sacrifica su vida por la de ella,
y su mensaje es claro.

es naturaleza,
es vida,
es liberacion.
Amalaya, es liberacion
in spanish.
part of a book called, cuentos parlamentarios.

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-before we fuck, please wear a condom. she said it with no regards of romance.
-oh, my, i forgot one. the freed guy said.
-you dont, here's one, it's normal's side, it should fit.

the moment got heated, the bodies were pounding to each other,
sweat and salty images of pleasure and nastiness were done,
none very romantic, just an imitation of one of our needs,
the physical one, having to deal with strangers or friends,
when the only pleasure is really death, forget about it and leave.

but hey, we are still fucking and i dont care about you anymore,
we aren't fit for each other and still we think one would compromise and say it.

-yes, yes, so wet you make me...
-haha, your beautiful, i need you...

things we said to compliment our ego,
but then, it's all over...

and with our organs satisfied, our egos filled, our existentialism struggles,

who the fuck are we, why it is so difficult to reproduce, and have a family?

could it be my wrong and constant set of choices made?

i am really up to my game?

or we have what we want not what we need?

cause then, why i only have one heart and two eyes, to see what i want, and find what i need?

sex with strangers, sucks...

unless, we share something physical about it and we are just passing by...
Sometimes the world is not the one to be changed, but oneself.
yet, combinations of each of it, would produce movement...
how our geological faults gave us our customs,
how we were divided by its fractures.

something stressed everyday.
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